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Monday, July 8, 2013

Burlap Chevron Wreath

Oh my heavens! I cannot believe that it has been over 3 months since I have blogged! I am such a slacker! I don't know what my problem has been except that I have been in a "new creation" funk! I can, and have been making a million things but they have all been things I have shown you before. And to be honest, the thought of putting together a photo tutorial has just been giving me anxiety for some reason. If you are a blogger you know all of the effort that it takes to put one together and I just havent had the energy or even an idea to work on. Until now that is!! I am so excited! I have needed a new wreath for my front door for months. I'm actually kind of embarrassed! Today I took down my winter wreath to put this one up. Yep, I said winter, in July. My sister and I were at Hobby Lobby, (My favorite store ever) and all of their trim was on sale for 50% off. Including burlap! I had seen some simply beautiful burlap wreaths on Pinterest lately and decided it was time to try one out!

You will need: (1) 16in wire wreath frame $2.99 but I used my 40% off coupon = about $1.80
(2) rolls of Burlap trim (I love this teal color) $5.99 each but then 50% off = about $6.00
(1) roll burlap wire edged chevron ribbon $5.99 but then 50% off = about $3.00
(1) wooden letter for your lastname $1.99
Some tan colored pipe cleaners cut into thirds. (I can't remember how much these were)
And paint to paint your wooden letter plus a few other odds and ends

GRAND TOTAL = ABOUT $15.00 and just a few small cuss words! Love it!!

Start out by taking the end piece of one of your burlap trim pieces and using one of the pipe cleaners, attach it by wrapping the pipe cleaner around the burlap and then around the wire of the wreath frame. Then pull a loop up and wrap another pipe cleaner through the loop and around the wire wreath frame. Continue doing this all the way around the outer diameter of the frame. You will be doing two rows of these loops to give it a full look. After each loop I would kind of pull and shape it a bit before I would attach the next loop.

This is after I have finished about half of the first row of loops. Once the first row is complete, cut off the excess burlap and secure it with another pipe cleaner. Then just follow the exact same steps for the second, inner row.

This is after I had finished the second row. It looks so full doesn't it! :)

And this is the back after the second row is finished. See all of those pipe cleaners! They were the reason for the small cuss words! Seriously, they look all fuzzy and innocent but those suckers can really scratch ya!

Anyway, now you get to start adding your fun chevron ribbon!! Leave and small tail to use as the ends of your bow and then carefully pinch the ribbon together. I used some burlap colored thread and wrapped it around where I had pinched it to hold it together.

Then using some thread the color of my burlap I kind of tucked it between my two rows of loops and sewed it in.

I continued tucking and sewing the ribbon about every 8 inches all the way around the wreath.

When you get around to the tale you left hanging. Tuck and sew that last part and then cut off the excess ribbon so the two tails are equal length.

Last of all, make a small loopy bow with the remaining ribbon. Paint your letter and figure out where you would like it and then hot glue it all on!
To hang the wreath, I just used a small length of twine and tied it securely on the back of the wire frame. Isn't it great!! I get to make another one for my sister later this week except her chevron ribbon will be yellow!
I wanted to say thanks to all of you great readers who have faithfully stuck with me during this little crafty hiatus! I have every intention of being back soon with something new but who knows! I will try I really will. I hope you have enjoyed! XOXO
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Yarn Valentine Wreath

I finally made a yarn wreath!! I have had one pinned on Pinterest for months that I have wanted to try! I think they give such a simple cute look and they really don't cost much! I started out with a simple small heart shaped foam wreath and then marked it off every 2 inches.

Now, I was lucky that my pattern worked out perfect on the first try. If you try this you may have to measure the wreath and figure it all out. Then I started wrapping. I used a dot of hot glue at the end of each color and then overlapped it just a bit with the next color. Where the heart came to points it was a little tricky. There was quite a bit of overlapping plus I had use hot glue to keep some of the wraps in place.

All in all, I love how it looks. One tip I will give you though, keep the yarn on the skein! That way you can pass the whole thing around and around instead of trying to keep it untangled. It does take quite awhile though!! Next I made 6 different flowers in coordinating felt using the same techniques that I used on this wreath. Hot glue them on, attach a string to hang it by and tada! I hung it on its side because I like the look better! I hope you like! XOXO
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winter Wreath!!

Hello everyone!! I have been such a slacker lately with the bog. I'm sorry!! I'm back at it though so here goes!! First off, have you all noticed my new blog design?? What do ya think? I finally had it re-designed by Casey at Hot Bliggity Blog. I love it and she was absolutely fabulous to work with! She even threw in button links for my Facebook page and Etsy store so be sure to stop by and take a look. Also, grab my button on the side bar if you would like to tell your friends about Craft Affection!!
Okay so I don't know about all of you but I love to just get money as gifts!! That way I can go to my favorite store and load up on craft supplies!!! Can you guess the store??? That's right, Hobby Lobby! The last two days I have gone a little crazy but I got some awesome deals and I now have quite a few projects lined up to make! I decided to make this winter wreath first.

The month of January is kind of in-between holidays so I have a hard time deciding on a wreath for my door. I got the perfect inspiration from this wreath here! Doesn't it just look like winter? My problem is that we have zero trees to get twigs from. So, good old Hobby Lobby has cute pre-made twig wreaths and then I just added a little color!!

So I started off with this Wreath.

I then added a few silver sparkly twigs that Hobby Lobby had on sale! It just added a little Jazz!
Next start making the flowers!! The white flower I used glittery felt and made it just how I did on this post for my fall wreath. The blue and grey flowers I followed these steps...
For the Blue one, cut 7 circles out of felt. Place one down and put a circle of hot glue in the middle. Fold 4 of them in half and then in half again and glue them down like this.

Next, put a dot of hot glue in the middle of that and fold the last 2 circles the same way. Press the tips of them into the center like this.

Fluff it up a little and Tada!! It should look like this!

For the grey flower I cut a strip of grey felt and then folded it over and stitched a running stitch along the edge. Next, cut small slits all along the fold. Like this.

Now pull the thread so that it gathers and glue it around another small circle of felt. Overlap each layer so that the thread doesn't show.

It should look like this one below!

Last of all hot glue all of the flowers to the wreath! I added and few plastic snowflakes that I had laying around too! Glue some ribbon on the back and hang it up! I love how it turned out! Exactly how I envisioned! XOXO

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Fall Wreath for my Mom!

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Hey everyone!! I hope your weekend is going well! So far ours has been pretty great! We spent the whole day together as a family and even attempted the mall with all 3 kids. Pretty brave huh! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been working on a bunch of custom orders for charm baubles, leather bracelets, Popsicle stick bracelets and freezer paper stenciled t-shirts. I haven't had time to work on anything new. That is until yesterday! My moms birthday was yesterday August 12th. I had been planning on making this wreath for her and decided I had better snap to it! As you can see from this wreath and this wreath, I like to make wreaths that are a little different from the norm.
I got all of the supplies I needed at Hobby Lobby for around 15 dollars total. Foam wreath frame, about 10 sheets of different colors of felt, some sprigs of floral stuff with berry things on them, hot glue gun and glue sticks, straight pins, and ribbon to hang it with.
So to start out, cut about a million circles from the felt. Just kidding. It felt that way though! I actually cut two different sizes of circles and ended up cutting about 70 total. Next cut them into a curly Q. Like the third picture. Line them with some hot glue and slowly wrap them into flowers like the fourth picture. Now you can start hot gluing them to the wreath frame pretty randomly. After I glued them to the frame I would push a straight pin right into the middle to add some stability. Cut the berries from the sprigs and glue them on top of the pin. Keep working until you have filled up all of spaces on the front of the wreath form. I held it up to my door at this point and looked at it from all angles to make sure I couldn't see any white peeking through. Of course I found some spots and had to add a few more. Next I cut the leaves and curly thingys from the sprigs and randomly glued them in with the flowers. Last of all, cut some ribbon the length you would need to hang it and glue it on the back. I also added a few straight pins to make sure it would hold. Hang it on your door and admire your work!! I would really like to keep it for myself but my mom needs a fall wreath and this was for her after all. I will just have to make another!! Thanks for reading and let me know what ya think! XOXO
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Fall Wreath!!!

Hey everyone I have finally finished the fall wreath that I was talking about! I have had the stuff to make it forever but I just haven't been able to find the time or the motivation. By the way, we found out the gender of our twins! Its perfect! We are having a boy and a girl! I have a twin brother myself so I know how fun it is to be boy and girl twins!! Anyway, I will stop babbling and tell you all about this beautiful wreath! I got the inspiration from this post at Dejavu Crafts. I did change it up a little though, as usual! So to start out, I used a dollar store foam wreath and one bag of dried corn husks that I got in the international isle at Walmart. Tear the corn husks into whatever widths you would like. Mine are larger than hers so it didn't use as many husks as hers did. Next start pinning them with straight pins into the wreath form. Be sure to overlap them. When the first row is done start a second one covering the pins. After the second row I was at the very center of the wreath so I did one more row but instead of pinning them I flipped the wreath over and hot glued them to the back and then brought them around and hot glued them down in the front. This covered the pins as well as gave it a finished look. I really wanted a little color for this wreath because our front door is a boring white. So I got tole paint in green, red and orange and using a foam craft brush I randomly painted the tips. I finished it off with some fake leaves that I found at Roberts Craft, added a loop of twine on the back and its done!! You can pretty much use as many husks as you would like to make it as full as you like. I don't like it to fluffy so added a little hot glue behind a lot of them so that they would lay down better. I hope you like it! This will cover me through all of fall and then I can hang up my Christmas wreath again!
Just so all of you know, my sister and I have been working on a very special project for a very special family. We should have it done by next week and post it. Please check back soon so you can see it! XOXO

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not just your ordinary spring wreath....

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a good day! Mine has been a little touch and go but its good to have a little "me" time and blog! My latest project has been so much fun! A little challenging at times but I got it figured out and I love the end result! So, I had this idea of the perfect wreath for my front door and it came to me after seeing a post on Make It and Love It about Hemp ball accents. Kinda weird I know. I mean these are decorative balls not a wreath! But, I am not a big fan of just a flower wreath. I wanted something different and this is what I came up with! I cut the foam balls in half and then followed the instructions on how to wrap them. You can use as many as you want. I just used 7 of them because I didn't want it to be too terribly big. Next I needed to somehow make them into a wreath. Now, originally I was going to attach them to a wreath form but they turned out to be kind of expensive. So instead I made a wire circle out of an old hanger and tried to attach them to that. It didn't work! So, what I ended up doing was hot gluing them all together into a wreath shape and then I flipped it over and pushed toothpicks from one into another to give it a little stability! Next, I used some really cute paper flowers that I had gotten from Micheal's during their after Christmas sale. Silk flowers probably would have been easier but I really like how small these were and easy to work with. I arranged them so they look like they are just creeping up the side of the wreath. After I attached them with a little hot glue and some cute brads, I made a small bow to put in the middle and then attached a ribbon loop on the back to hang it from. My front porch is fairly sheltered but I knew that the wreath would probably get a little wet once in a while so I also sprayed the entire thing with a clear coat spray to help protect it! Isn't it cute? I love that it works for the spring but with the brown color I also feel like it will last well into the summer as well! I hope you have enjoyed this! I have really felt like making some more hair bows lately so you might be seeing them soon. XOXO