Monday, July 8, 2013

Burlap Chevron Wreath

Oh my heavens! I cannot believe that it has been over 3 months since I have blogged! I am such a slacker! I don't know what my problem has been except that I have been in a "new creation" funk! I can, and have been making a million things but they have all been things I have shown you before. And to be honest, the thought of putting together a photo tutorial has just been giving me anxiety for some reason. If you are a blogger you know all of the effort that it takes to put one together and I just havent had the energy or even an idea to work on. Until now that is!! I am so excited! I have needed a new wreath for my front door for months. I'm actually kind of embarrassed! Today I took down my winter wreath to put this one up. Yep, I said winter, in July. My sister and I were at Hobby Lobby, (My favorite store ever) and all of their trim was on sale for 50% off. Including burlap! I had seen some simply beautiful burlap wreaths on Pinterest lately and decided it was time to try one out!

You will need: (1) 16in wire wreath frame $2.99 but I used my 40% off coupon = about $1.80
(2) rolls of Burlap trim (I love this teal color) $5.99 each but then 50% off = about $6.00
(1) roll burlap wire edged chevron ribbon $5.99 but then 50% off = about $3.00
(1) wooden letter for your lastname $1.99
Some tan colored pipe cleaners cut into thirds. (I can't remember how much these were)
And paint to paint your wooden letter plus a few other odds and ends

GRAND TOTAL = ABOUT $15.00 and just a few small cuss words! Love it!!

Start out by taking the end piece of one of your burlap trim pieces and using one of the pipe cleaners, attach it by wrapping the pipe cleaner around the burlap and then around the wire of the wreath frame. Then pull a loop up and wrap another pipe cleaner through the loop and around the wire wreath frame. Continue doing this all the way around the outer diameter of the frame. You will be doing two rows of these loops to give it a full look. After each loop I would kind of pull and shape it a bit before I would attach the next loop.

This is after I have finished about half of the first row of loops. Once the first row is complete, cut off the excess burlap and secure it with another pipe cleaner. Then just follow the exact same steps for the second, inner row.

This is after I had finished the second row. It looks so full doesn't it! :)

And this is the back after the second row is finished. See all of those pipe cleaners! They were the reason for the small cuss words! Seriously, they look all fuzzy and innocent but those suckers can really scratch ya!

Anyway, now you get to start adding your fun chevron ribbon!! Leave and small tail to use as the ends of your bow and then carefully pinch the ribbon together. I used some burlap colored thread and wrapped it around where I had pinched it to hold it together.

Then using some thread the color of my burlap I kind of tucked it between my two rows of loops and sewed it in.

I continued tucking and sewing the ribbon about every 8 inches all the way around the wreath.

When you get around to the tale you left hanging. Tuck and sew that last part and then cut off the excess ribbon so the two tails are equal length.

Last of all, make a small loopy bow with the remaining ribbon. Paint your letter and figure out where you would like it and then hot glue it all on!
To hang the wreath, I just used a small length of twine and tied it securely on the back of the wire frame. Isn't it great!! I get to make another one for my sister later this week except her chevron ribbon will be yellow!
I wanted to say thanks to all of you great readers who have faithfully stuck with me during this little crafty hiatus! I have every intention of being back soon with something new but who knows! I will try I really will. I hope you have enjoyed! XOXO
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  1. Great tutorial on showing how to loop burlap on a wreath form. I had no idea how to do this so thank you! Visiting from DIY Home Sweet Home

    1. Thank you! I'm glad it made sense, it was kinda hard to explain! :)

  2. Beautiful wreath Daniell! Going to check out Burlap Fabric site right now. :)

  3. I'm not getting how you wrap the pipe cleaner around the burlap and wire.... Are you twisting it around the burlap then twisting around the wire????

  4. This is so cute abd easy. Thank you sew mych for sharing this.