Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Time!

I am so excited! This time of year is my favorite! Most holidays I don't really decorate for (I am trying to change that) but, Christmas I love!! Over the years I have accumulated some really cute stuff and I just want to keep adding to it! Today, I am going to show you 3 really cute things that I have already made for Christmas this year. Yep, that's right! I have already made 3 different things. For some reason I will drop everything to make crafts at Christmas time, where as the rest of the year it can take me forever to get something made. I have a million things to get ready for the babies but Christmas was just more fun! Anyway, to start with I decided to make a bell garland for our Christmas tree. I started with 15 yards of ribbon, which wasn't enough. I would get more like 30 if you can. Next I found some bells at Roberts Craft that were on sale. About every 10 inches I would tie two knots next to each other and then hook the bell in between, hanging from a jump ring. It was very easy! A little tedious but easy. I love the way it looks on the tree, although I wish it was longer. My next craft was the easiest of all. I had been at Walmart and they had these really pretty red plastic plates on sale for $3.50! I knew it would look so cute with vinyl on it sitting in a plate stand! I had some left over silver vinyl from these ornaments from last year so, using my Cricut and my Lyrical Letters cartridge, I chose this design and cut it out. This plate was done in a matter of minutes and only cost #3.50. Lastly, I finally made an Advent Calendar!!! I think these are so cute and Zane is now at the age that he is starting to "get" Christmas. I can't wait for Wednesday when he gets to start the countdown and take off the first number! I started with a mini muffin tin that I bought at Hobby Lobby. You can get it cheaper other places but I saw it and just grabbed it. Make sure to get the 24 count not the 12! Cut some circles out of card stock that are slightly bigger than the muffin spots. Next cut and glue on smaller circles of fun Christmas scrapbook paper that are a little smaller and cut out even smaller circles of coordinating paper for inside the tin. Cut out some numbers, I used vinyl and my Lyrical Letters cartridge, and center them on the larger circles. I then took all of them and got them laminated. You don't have to do this, but I really wanted to make this last for a while and I know kids grubby hands can ruin things pretty quick. After laminating you just have to add the magnets! Two small pieces on the big circles, placed at the top and bottom and one piece on the smaller circles. You can just glue in the smaller pieces but with the magnets I can use this muffin tin for other things through out the year. Tie a ribbon to hang it and put some candy pieces in the tray and you are ready to go!! I used left over ribbon from my garland and I don't really love it, but I will change that out soon!! I hope you all enjoy! Get to craftin!! XOXO
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  1. Soo cute Tara!!! I might have to get myself a plate too!! The calendar is so cute, I might have to make that for next year!

  2. Love the Advent Calendar! Such a fun idea.

  3. So cute!

    I am your newest follower! I loved this idea!!

    Hope you will stop by and follow Simple as 1-2-3 soon!!

  4. Cute! The advent calendar is precious! Great idea!

  5. Thank you everyone! Theses were all so fun to make!

  6. The muffin tin count-down calendar is an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing it.